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Lady in pink - Aluminium Wall ART

Lady in pink - Aluminium Wall ART

Wall Decor
120cm by 60cm


Metal Art
Art like no other in the UK.
This painting is constructed of solid aluminum plate that has been hand sanded,ground and polished to create patterns and designs that reflect light. The effect is almost holographic in nature and the patterns in the metal sem to move as you move and view the painting.
The colours used are transparent, allowing the reflectivity of the metal to reflect light back out through the color to create a dramatic glowing effect. The paint is alos coated at the end for long lasting colours.
Strong light allows the painting to come alive and reveal the many subtle patterns and reflection in the metal.
It preserves for many years.
The perfect art for your living space.
Art with a sense of warmth and dimension.
Size 120cm by 60cm


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