Outstanding Statement Piece For Your Place. Where ever you hang this amazing artwork, It will give a “WOOW” effect in your living space.


Length: 120cm, Height: 60cm, Depth: 2.5cm

Metal Art Painting


“Art with a sense of warmth and dimension.”



                LIVING ART. 3D.

This painting is constructed of solid aluminium plate that has been hand sanded, ground and polished, to create patterns and designs that reflect light. The effect is almost holographic in nature and patterns in the metal seems to move as you move and view the painting.

Alive Artwork. Patterns move when you move and look at it.

The colours used are translucent (semi-transparent, allowing the reflectivity of the metal to reflect the light back out through the colour to create a dramatic glowing effect. The paint is also coated at the end, for long lasting colours.

Strong light allows the painting to come alive and reveal the many subtle patterns and reflection in the metal.

Artist first prepares the metal plate with hand sanding, grinding and polishing processes.

And then draws the image on metal plate, colouring if necessary. And then grinding the image and then painting with a spray paint and airbrush.

Lastly, aluminium plate is mounted on a wooden frame work to display and hang easily on a wall.

Each individual piece is ONE-OFF, since its hand ground.

*Back of the painting has a black dust cover, so it looks clean cut from the back, and 2 holes made in the framework to hang easy on wall.

*The actual piece is more beautiful than what is seen on the photo. The photo will look different on every pc or phone screen due to personal settings.

*Contemporary and unique artwork for your living space.

*Where ever you hang this amazing artwork, It will give a “WOOW” effect in your living space.

*This piece will give a statement to your space and absolutely stands out!!


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